Losin Teapot, Anthropologie {$48}/Ellie Creamer, Anthropologie {$16}/Balancing Act Dishtowel {$42}/Elephant Map Poster, Urban Outfitters {$24}

FACT: I’m actually obsessed with elephants. In another world I must have been an Indian princess, I’m sure of it.

FACT {again}: I actually own more elephant memorabilia than cat memorabilia. So, next time you wanna call me a crazy cat lady, I suggest you take a look at my decor.



P.S. give me everything above.

P.P.S. I’m back ♥ 




Our trip to India that we looked so forward to is now behind us, like most of our travels I am left wondering how it could have gone by so quickly.

The wedding was magic and we escaped without getting truly sick. We were treated to the most grand of hotels and the hospitality we received is fondly remembered. Seeing the whole process of a Hindu wedding was nothing short of fascinating. I was able to wear a sari and Jon a kurta. We drank gin and tonics, adjusted to IMT (India Maybe Time) and enjoyed the company of old and new friends while bonding over the perplexity of so many Indian occurrences. We played polo on elephants, rode camels, kissed cobras, were uncomfortably close to monkeys at a temple, drank traditional chai then had a dance party in the car with our dear driver. It really seems nothing short of a dream and I am ever thankful to David and Vedika for including us in this event.





Many people have asked me since we arrived home to describe India to them. Truth be told, India is not a place to describe in words as it is somewhere one needs to experience.

India is beautiful chaos.


India is awe inspiring, frustrating, kind, aggressive, beautiful, ugly, pure and filthy all at once. It’s a world of extremes. It’s a land of spiritual light and oppression. The people are some of the sweetest souls I have ever come across and they touched my heart so dearly. Driving down the roads and having strangers smiles stretch across their faces when they saw us and giddily wave while we drove by made my heart skip a beat. My heart is left heavy for that country and it’s sweet souls and I am feeling so blessed to have many dear friends from that land. I was very ready to come home in the end but also torn, we agreed that one day we would be back and this would not be our last time there.

Please know that these few words I have written will never accurately describe our trip nor the country. India truly is a place of enlightenment and I am ever thankful for where the Lord has put me in this life and what He has given me. I left a little piece of my heart in that country along with the other pieces of myself that are scattered throughout this beautiful world.



my happy place







“Where do you live?”

“The Bay”

“Oh, so you’re one of those San Francisco people who just come up here on the weekends?”

“We sure are!”

Yosemite is rapidly becoming my happy place. Even if just for a night, to come up to the valley and breathe the fresh Sierra air, my soul is instantaneously relieved of all the everyday stresses of being an adult. Jon and I have two more trips planned for the summer/fall up here and at least 20 more miles of hiking. We hiked up to Nevada Falls via the Mist Trail a couple weeks ago, and goodness was it worth it. My legs may have been a bit wobbly in the end but my spirit was high. The thought that reoccurs to me the most when hiking in the Yosemite is, how can anyone believe there is no God when walking in this majesty? The beauty is simply overwhelming and my heart leaps over this marvelous creation. Raw nature like this is a reflection of God to me, so awesomely beautiful and so vast that you can’t help but realize how small you are, yet you find yourself in complete awe. I often think of how temporary we are as humans, that this valley will remain long after we are gone. That trees growing in these mountains were living when my Christ was dying. What a concept, right? Everyone needs to get into nature to remember what life is really about.

“Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. “-John Muir



Pave Post Earrings, Anthropologie {$24}/Chambray Peasant Top, J.Crew {$78}/Linen Cotton Pant, J.Crew {$89.50}/Unisex Big Pocket Tank, American Apparel {$22}/Women Dip Suno Long Flare Skirt, UNIQLO {$29.90}/Twisted and Pleated Tee, Anthropologie {$58}/Drape Printed Bottoms, UNIQLO {$14.90}/Night Sky Bracelet, Urban Outfitters {$10}/Croquetl Leopard Loafers, Steve Madden {$79.95}

Would I be lying if I said I’m not keeping an eye out for clothes to wear in India? Absolutely. In fact, as you can see, I’ve already begun piecing together my outfits with some new and old pieces I own above.


Since we moved to the bay area we have been hearing people ranting and raving about Tahoe. We had been there one time on a day trip a few years back and weren’t as terribly impressed as we should have been. Well, this weekend we finally made it back to Tahoe and let me just say…we get it. We get the ranting and raving about Tahoe and I imagine many weekends this summer will be spent up there. Here are just a few pictures from our trip.


Good morning from the Sierras.



Our other home.



Walking with giants.


Kayaking on Fallen Leaf Lake


God is good.

The Yosemite.

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike.

-John Muir, The Yosemite-

The Sierra Nevada mountain range is where my soul finds peace. I can’t quite explain it to you, but if you’ve been there you’ll know the words that I am searching for. This glorious range is rests on the spine of California and is by far my favorite place in my golden state. From Sequoia to Tahoe, there is not a place in those peaks and valleys that my heart doesn’t beat for. We had a chance to make it to Yosemite in early May, it was our first time in the Sierra’s since 2010 (too long!) and I felt as if my spirit was renewed.